What I Wore in Cancun #8

As I’m writing this post, I’m no longer in Cancun. I’m in Mexico City for the night, and tomorrow I will be going back home. This summer has definitely gone by way too fast!! The new school year is already daunting upon me. I even received an email from one of my teachers already! Thankfully, I don’t start for another 2 and a half weeks. Yesterday, we went to Xplor, and it was amazing!! When we were there, we drove the amphibian vehicles, zip-lined both courses, rafted, and swam in a subterranean river. It was so much fun, and I would do it again if I got the chance to! I decided to combine two outfits in this post, because I thought it would be easier to do it now. When I get home, I will be extremely jet lagged, so I don’t think I will be able to write anything. My main priority when I get back home, is to sleep.



For the first outfit, I wore a white dress from H&M. This dress was featured in my summer haul. Originally, I wanted to wear it as a beach coverup, but the dress wrinkles really easily. This dress was extremely comfortable though! Probably the most comfy thing that I’ve worn, ever. I paired it with my blue Zara sandals, and voila! I wore this outfit on a girl’s night out with my mom. We went to a mall near our hotel, called La Isla Mall. I was on a hunt for Alex and Ani bracelets, but the store that had them was closed by the time I remembered the name of it. So, we went back to our hotel.



This second outfit, I also wore to the mall. The next day, we went back to the mall, and I found exactly the bracelets I wanted! I was, and I’m still really happy! These bracelets will be included in a post, when I get back home. I wore a top from Forever 21, a skater skirt from American Apparel, and Aldo sandals. I also wore my Urban Outfitters bag. Obviously, I had to take a picture in front of Teavana, since it’s my favourite tea shop!

See you soon, and have a great day!

XOXO, Sofia

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  1. Hello lovely, I love your dress in this, it is so cute. I give your blog a follow because I love it all. I have also tagged you in The Liebster Award Tag, that will be published tomorrow at 4:00pm UK time, which I’d love you to take a look at and join in with at highstreetspy.wordpress.com. Thank you. Maisie xxx

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