Tropical Whiteout | Phuket #4

White; a color associated with innocence, light, and peace. In the fashion world, it’s a symbol of timelessness, elegance, and versatility. Wearing an all white look can be tricky. Where do you draw the line between chic and borderline bridal? My tip for wearing an all white ensemble is to play up the textures in a look by mixing them up like I did here. The top I was wearing featured an embroidered print around the neckline and was made of a flowy viscose material while the skirt was made of a sheer fabric.



For this look, I discarded the structural silhouettes that I often favor and instead created a look with a relaxed silhouette, and fluidity. I loved pairing this top and skirt together as it was an opportunity to mix patterns in a more subtle, delicate way. I’d been desperately wanting to wear this skirt ever since I purchased it during the summer sale season, but hadn’t found the perfect moment yet. And when I found it, I paired it with this loose top with almost kimono-like sleeves and a pair of wedges. The wedges added some color as well as texture to the entire look, and also saved this skirt from being dragged along the floor. I put my hair in a very simple updo, which consisted of two small side braids, tied into a bun. Having my hair up not only offered a more refreshing feeling than having my hair down, but it also helped show off the embroidered detailing on the blouse.

DSC_0965DSC_1012DSC_0997Top – Zara

Skirt – Zara (similar)

Wedges – F21

Today is the first day of yet another long weekend here in France, but hey I’m not complaining! I’m working on scheduling a lot of posts for you since I will be gone from Monday to Friday, and will not have ANY time to post while I’m away. Last two looks from Thailand, and then my Vienna outfits!

XOXO, Sofia

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  1. rosyvogue says:

    I love this all-white vest and the darker backgrounds. Looks awesome ♥

  2. i love what you’re wearing! feels so cultural!

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