Traveling to Granada in winter | Essential items to pack

The medieval history and Moorish architectural heritage of Granada are alluring all throughout the year, so this elegant but edgy city is worth visiting all year round. If you’re planning on visiting sometime in the next couple of months,  keep in mind that winter in Granada (and the rest of Spain) is generally warmer than the cold months in neighboring countries, therefore, you might be packing a little lighter than you normally would for a winter holiday.

Here are some essentials you’ll need for your Andalucian getaway:


1. A few scarves
Aside from being an accessory that can brighten up any outfit, a scarf provides some extra warmth when the temperature starts to drop and it is light enough to put in (or wrap around the handle of) your purse. Additionally a blogger for Andalucía Bound suggests that you should wear a scarf even if you feel it’s too hot, as the local women will insist that you wear one if the weather is anywhere below 10° to avoid catching a cold.


2. A warm winter coat
Although the temperatures never gets too cold in Andalucía, with the average in November ranging from 7 to 15°C, the evenings are still a little too chilly for a cardigan and scarf. Even though the winter months are short, the weather is still pretty cold according to What to Wear on Vacation, so a coat will be needed at night.


3. A swimsuit
Believe it or not, tanning on the beach is attainable in Granada during the colder seasons. A contributor of Spain Holiday explains that the noontime temperatures in the winter are actually warm enough for you to sunbathe, so pack your best bikini and get your tan add a healthy glow to your skin.



4. A couple of dresses
In the article What to Wear in Spain, it explains that Spanish women tend to dress up in the evenings, so be sure to include some chic dresses and garments in your luggage for your nights out.


Additional Packing Information
Your packing list will also vary slightly depending on the type of accommodation you stay at. If you decide to stay at a hotel, you’ll get the amenities and conveniences that budget accommodation often lack but for a heftier price, check out hotels near Frederico Garcia Lorca Airport for a wealth of extra services and significantly better bars and restaurants. Why? Because it’s reported that many hotels close to airports tend to “cater for business travelers during the week,” reports Parking4Less while discussing Heathrow Airport’s nearby hotels. And this tends to be the case across Europe and North America. At least at a hotel, you won’t have to pack a towel or your hairdryer. Some B&Bs and guesthouses do supply basic toiletries and towels, but it’s better to be safe and bring your own.



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6 responses to “Traveling to Granada in winter | Essential items to pack”

  1. Trang Do says:

    Great post! Amazing places!!
    Xoxo, Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  2. Mariam says:

    Wow! This seems like such a lovely trip to make! The medieval history is what fascinates me the most (my undergraduate major). I think a variety of dresses to match the backdrop of the city is such great idea.

    Hope you are having a good day!


    • Sofía says:

      Wow! That’s so interesting! I hope you are able to make the trip to Andalusia because it’s an amazing place! And I definitely agree that dresses are perfect for the city!

      xx Sofia

  3. Lina says:

    Love this post! Nice tips x

    Lina /

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