The print and saying Goodbye | Phuket #6

  The last night, the final farewell. The warm night air embraces us, and the vivid sunset mesmerizes our eyes. Hues of purple, pinks, reds, and oranges paint the sky creating a vision in front of our gazes. Darkness falls, but the light shines relentlessly. The torches are lit, and the night is consumed in shadows and a warm glow. All good things come to an end, night, vacation, and for me, this trip. I miss Thailand and yearn to one day return in order to capture more of the beauty of this country, it’s people, wildlife, and sunsets. And moreover, I hope to travel once again to this corner of the world which is most foreign to me. There is so much to see, admire, and treasure in these countries and there are memories to be made.

DSC_0319 1DSC_0325 1DSC_0445 1

This look was simple, yet sleek. Plain  but playful, and colorful while remaining neutral. I wore a dress that was gifted to by a family member from an Argentine brand named Rapsodia, which is a brand I adore! All of their clothes have the bohemian spirit I love and combine quality, originality, and style. The first thing I noticed about this dress was the intricacy of the print, a mixture of cool, and warm hues, the transition from one print to another, and its uniqueness. The fabric of this dress is beautiful; silky, soft, and amazing quality. I think everyone should have a go-to summer dress. Something that makes you feel free, comfortable, and confident. I found all of that in this dress and felt like a million dollars while wearing it.

DSC_0458 1DSC_0462 1DSC_0437 1Dress – Rapsodia

Sandals – ASOS

Bag – Michael Kors

This post made me so nostalgic of my days in Thailand, I’m tempted to just get up and go. If only I could, I truly would. I hope you all enjoyed this post! See you soon with lots more posts and some exciting news which I will be revealing in the upcoming month!

XOXO, Sofia

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  1. Mikayla says:

    Such gorgeous pictures!

  2. Gorgeous dress! and yes, Thailand is beautiful! Your pictures make me want to go there now as well. Hahaha.

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