Parisian Nights in Red

My heels clink against the pavement as I walk through cobbled Parisian streets. The event is starting in less than ten minutes. Will I make it there in time? I will, because I’ve anticipated and imagined this moment ever since I was young. So, I cross my fingers and hope that nothing comes in my way and that everything goes as planned. A few minutes later I’m there, and everything is just like I thought it would be.





After I confirmed my attendance at the event, one simple, yet alarming thought ran through my mind. “What am I going to wear?” I struggled with this question for a few days, and incessantly scoured the internet to find ‘the dress’. Three days before the event, I went into a local store and found my perfect dress. As soon as  I tried it on, I knew. This was the dress that was going to make me stand out, and force me to step outside of my comfort zone. What attracted me to this dress was the vibrant color and it’s beautiful cut with the bow detail in the back. Though perhaps it was a it dress for the event, Oscar Wilde said, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”







I had such an incredible time in Paris! If I could, I would go back and re-live all of the amazing memories I made. This trip was exactly what I needed right now. A time to be creative and be in touch with the person I used to be, so I can keep working on the person I am, and that I want to be. Have an amazing week, and stay chic!

XOXO, Sofia

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18 responses to “Parisian Nights in Red”

  1. Carmen says:

    What a lovely dress! Aw these pictures make me wanna go back to Paris:)
    xx, Carmen –

  2. Cara says:

    You look so chic! Red looks so good with your hair X

  3. Nicole says:

    You look sooo gorgeous! Love the dress!! 🙂
    Girl About Town blog

  4. Rae says:

    Stunning outfit, you look great, lady! Hope you had fun in Paris!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  5. Ana W. Smith says:

    Nice post, love your red dress, it is really your style!

  6. Barbie Mas says:

    In love with the dress! And by the way red is definitely your color…

  7. Caitlin says:

    Such a gorgeous dress and I love the contrast it has with your jacket! Great outfit – perfect for a night in Paris!

    xx, Caitlin

  8. What a stunning dress, you look gorgeous!

  9. Ms. LaRosa says:

    Congratulations on this first (of many!) fashion show experiences.

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