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In my last post, I mentioned all the things I love about Paris! There’s honestly so much to love about, well, the city of love. It’s filled with beautiful stores, restaurants, cafés, and so much more. But with so much to choose from, where will you go? I asked myself this very same question ahead of my latest trip to Paris. My answer was the guide that I’m sharing with you today. Feel free to print it or share it with anyone who might be visiting Paris, spread the love! Access and print the guide following this link!!


Here are some shots that I took at a lovely café in Paris with my friend Tina! She even brought along these gorgeous flowers which made the perfect prop for all of the pictures I took on that day! Honestly, fresh flowers are just one of my absolute favorite things, ever!!

But going back to the original topic, Paris, I had such an amazing time! Somehow, I discovered so many new and beautiful places that I hadn’t seen in the four years that I lived there! One of my favorite things to do is scour around for pretty cafées and Instagram worthy locales. In fact, this has become a kind of obsession lately. It’s why I’ve started making guides like the one here every time I travel! Even though my friends have lovingly laughed at me for doing so, it’s helped me so much to discover cities that I travel to, and to be organized in the process! Some people have even come up to me in person or over DM to ask me how I find these places, which is honestly so sweet! That’s a whole other saga, but if you’d like to know, I would love to write a whole post about it! And, if you’re interested in guides like my Paris one for different cities, let me know!!

Little life update! After two weeks interning at an NGO, this week was my first proper week of summer. I definitely enjoyed it, and am now looking forward to my holiday! I’ll be in Cannes for a while in just a few days, which I can’t wait for! Anyway, I hope you all have an amazing week!!

XOXO, Sofia

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  1. Romana says:

    The pic are gorgeous! The flowers fit in so good!

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