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How can I describe the ecstasy and awe I experienced, or the seventh heaven I was transported to when on an average day I checked my email after coming home from school, and read words so unbelievable my mind took minutes to process them. Had I really just been invited to a fashion show? Well, the answer was yes. After a few brief seconds of doubting whether I could attend, I made up my mind. I simply had to go. So I did, and I couldn’t regret it less.

THE VENUE: Galerie Joseph in the III arrondissement, a modern, minimalist gallery located in the Le Marais district of Paris. It was the perfect backdrop for the colorful, and creative designs that were showcased.


THE CLOTHES: Each garment was so unique, and completely different from the one that preceded it. Instead of talking about each piece, or the collection as a whole, I decided I would share my top 5 favorite looks with you!

LOOK 1image

This look was fairly simple, but beautiful nonetheless. The cut of the jumpsuit was extremely original, as the flared pant-leg created the illusion of longer legs, and the top was very slimming. I also loved the black trench vest that was paired with the jumpsuit, as it gave a more ‘street’ vibe while remaining sophisticated.

LOOK 2image

I loved the sheer effect of these lace white pants! Though I’m not sure if I would be brave enough to wear them, I certainly enjoyed looking at them down the runway, and I thought that the shoes were perfect to contrast with the very feminine look of the pants.

LOOK 3image

This curve-hugging white dress was styled impeccably! The statement necklace that was worn with it was to die for! The whole look was, in my opinion, perfect for a night out during summer, or as a statement piece for winter.

LOOK 4image

Is it a dress? Is it a co-ord? Is it just a skirt and a top? I’m not entirely sure, but I love it! Both of the pieces are super versatile and could easily be paired with almost anything! The entire look was ‘straight up my alley’ and I’m seriously considering hunting down those shoes because they’re perfect.

LOOK 5image

Saving the best for last, I have to share my absolute favorite piece from the ENTIRE show! This furry lilac/grey vest caught my attention as soon as it went down the runway. There was nothing like it in the entire show, and I think it was one of, if not the most beautiful piece in the collection.

THE DESIGNER: Floriane Fosso is a young, French-Cameroonian designer who has just launched her line, From Paris To. Each piece from the collection takes inspiration from a place Floriane has visited. Not only was the show amazing, but the last moment, when she shared a tender embrace with her father as he handed her a bouquet of flowers, was simply beautiful, Seeing her next to her work, surrounded by friends and family members was a reflection of her values and admirable perseverance.

Shop the collection HERE

I hope all of you enjoyed this post as much as I loved writing it, and having this amazing experience! I’ll be sharing pictures of the event on my Instagram and Twitter tonight! So stay tuned for that and for my outfit post from the event which will be going live this Monday. Have a beautiful week, and remember, it’s almost Friday!

XOXO, Sofia

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10 responses to “My first fashion show | Parisian Adventures”

  1. what an amazing experience! looks like you had an fabulous time=o)

    • Sofía says:

      I did have a fabulous time! I loved your post about Gaudi. I’m a huge Gaudi fan too!

      xx Sofia

  2. Molly says:

    Your first fashion show – so fun!! 🙂


  3. Nada says:

    interesting ! 🙂

  4. Jess says:

    Great post!! Congrats Sofia!! That must be a nice experience:)

    Jess (IG @sweetjessc)

    • Sofía says:

      Thank you, Jess! It was a very nice experience, and I would love to attend another show soon, fingers crossed!

      xx Sofia

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