Monochrome moments

Sometimes I love changing things up just a little bit, which is why a little something has found its way into my pictures (and my heart obviously). Some of you might remember my pup, Jagger. Though he’s certainly not a puppy anymore, he’ll always feel like one to me. But because he hasn’t been featured in a couple of posts, I thought now would be a great moment to re-introduce him!








I feel like lately, I’ve had the opportunity to develop my personal style more. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, and I’m becoming more aware of what I like. Everything from the cuts and colors that I like is becoming clear to me. For instance, I’ve fallen completely in love with wearing neutrals. Black, grays, whites and every neutral hue in between has found its way into my wardrobe. Surprisingly, even a color that I never thought I would fall back in love with has become one of my go-to’s. Yes, you guessed it. I’ve become a total sucker for blush and baby pink everything! Maybe it’s my way of unconsciously following trends, or perhaps something sparked in my brain. Either way, get ready to see major changes when it comes to style. Yay!




Hope you’re all having a lovely week! There’s some craziness on my end due mostly to school and extra-curricular activities. I feel like I talk about my lack of balance a lot, especially to excuse my lack of posts, but I don’t know if I actually get across the fact that I am completely lost. Maybe I’ll go into it in another post, and if I become a pro, I might even be giving tips soon 🙂 . What about you? Are you a planner, or a wreck like me?

XOXO, Sofia

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22 responses to “Monochrome moments”

  1. Pip says:

    Those sunglasses are to die for! 😍
    Loving this whole look and your special guest 😉

  2. caroline says:

    Love this look, classic yet edgy !

  3. Jagger is the cutest, he’s so gorgeous! I also agree that I have definitely found that the older I get the more my style has developed. I know exactly what I like and what will and won’t work for me now and I like to experiment more. I love your style, your outfit here is gorgeous. Your jacket is amazing and I’m after one like it at the moment.I hope you have a lovely week, Katie xx

    • Sofía says:

      I can’t say I disagree! But I think I’m kind of biased 🙂 Growing up has definitely helped me develop my personal style, which is something I’ve only begun to realize as I get older. Style is such a changing thing but moving into adolescence and adulthood has helped me envision and develop better style.

      xx Sofia

  4. Naelle says:

    WoW 😮 Nice poses 🙂

    Naelle from paris..!

  5. I love your sunglasses and your dog is adorable! I guess I’m more of a planner. I made set days for blog posts and always remember them, kind of like a deadline. Iit helps to have a bit of pressure to get things done I guess! x

    • Sofía says:

      Thank you, Maria! I definitely used to be a planner but as my schedule gets busier it’s become so much harder! So happy you do have a schedule down. Hopefully now I’ll be a little bit more inspired thanks to your comment!

      xx Sofia

  6. Nada says:

    You look perfect!

  7. Keri says:

    LOVE those sunglasses omg

    Enclothed Cognition

  8. Carmen says:

    That is such a cute french bulldog. I’ve always wanted a dog but don’t feel like I have enough time to take care of it. Such is life. Anyway, I love your look, especially that coat. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    • Sofía says:

      Yes, he’s such a cutie! But it’s such a big responsibility looking after him! Thanks for your lovely comment!

      xx Sofia

  9. Annie says:

    Love the sunglasses and the shoes! So cool and stylish. Thanks for sharing!
    xx Annie

  10. Nada says:

    You look great!

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