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Something happened on Friday night. You all know what it was. This isn’t a blog about politics or current events, but this is a blog about fashion and about me, about my life and everything in it, good and bad. When things like these happen, as humans, we choose to unite.  But we’re not just humans because everyone is human. In these troubled times, an undeniable fact is seen. We’re not just humans. We are humane. Last year, when the Charlie Hebdo attack took place, I wrote these words. Simple statements which resonate deeply to this day, especially in light of the recent attacks.

In the name of God, monstrosities have been committed. Buildings have been destroyed, spirits have been broken, and lives have been lost. This week, what started off as one horrifying event, triggered a chain of similar attacks. The city is submerged in fear as everywhere you look is the potential of danger. Fear once spread is inevitable. When you come to the realization that at any moment you could be in the center of one of these attacks, you can’t help but feel petrified.




Today, many people wore black to mourn the death of those who were killed on Friday and who have died in hospitals since then. Black is the color most commonly worn to funerals and services in honor of those who’ve died. The death of those 129 people is not only a loss to their friends and families, but it is also a loss to the world. So we wear black in respect to them, for what they stood for, and for the life they lost.


A candle, a sign of hope. For those still fighting and for the world. 


I hope none of you were unfortunate enough to lose anyone close due to the attacks. Thankfully, all of my friends in Paris were unharmed, which puts my mind at ease slightly. To all of you reading this, I just want to ask of you one thing. Don’t be afraid. Live your life like you always have. Go to the movies, the theatre, that concert you’ve been counting down the days to attend. But don’t live in the shadows of what has just taken place, because you have the right to live, not just to exist.


✝ To the 129 gone souls, RIP

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11 responses to “Life must go on⎜Moments of hope”

  1. Amazing post and I pray for world PEACE! Check out our page for a chance to win 3 pairs of sunglasses.

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  2. Such a beautiful post and I couldn’t agree more! And your outfit here is soo posh and cool!


  3. Irene says:

    Amazing post dear! Have a nice day:)

  4. Floortje says:

    It’s terrible what happened last Friday. I still can’t believe people are doing this to one and another. Beautiful words dear. Let’s all hope and pray for peace


    • Sofía says:

      Yes, it was a terrible event! Thank you for commenting, and let’s keep praying.

      xx Sofia

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