Into the Woods

Amongst the hustle and bustle of city life, I discovered a place of serenity. Somewhere where I could find peace, quiet, and inspiration. I’ve never been a big fan of the outdoors, particularly the forest. I always felt happiest at the beach, in the city, or someplace where I could be around others. But living in the middle of Brussels and constantly being surrounded by people, noises, and scents, I’ve felt the urge more, and more frequently to escape. To get lost, and to find myself once more. And I’m not the only one who likes getting lost in the woods. Since the day I discovered this wooded park in the middle of the city, Jagger has loved coming here.




As the days get shorter, and a little colder I know that fall is slowly seeping in. The perfect way to transition into autumn is to wear those summer pieces and layer over them. I love wearing this striped crop top year round, so when fall comes around I put away the shorts and bring out the jeans and jackets. One of my must haves for the colder seasons is a black leather jacket, it’s simple, edgy, and perfect for keeping warm. I styled it with a laid back pair of jeans and a navy blue fedora, combining different colors and textures within the look. For long city walks, I usually wear some sneakers or a pair of flats as they’re comfortable and easy to put on. This particular day, I chose to wear my metallic blue slip-ons as they’re one of my favorite pair of shoes and I can see myself wearing these in so many different ways.



Top – Brandy Melville

Jacket – Maje (this one or this other one)

Shoes – Mango (exact here)

I’ve successfully survived my first full week of school! I’m starting to settle into my new life, and beginning to discover cool stores and cafes in my area. Hopefully, I’ll be writing a post soon about my favorite places in Brussels for all you travelers!

XOXO, Sofia

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  1. Lovely outfit. I love layering up too as the colder months start approaching x

    Wildfire Charm

  2. Love your outfit! Cool biker jacket! 🙂 Carina

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