Indulging in the foods you love

Every woman or girl has struggled at least once in their life with weight or body image issues. From personal experience, and from interacting with other girls my age, I’ve been able to see just how susceptible we are about these issues. But I don’t think it depends on a person’s personality. Rather, I believe that it’s society dictating how we should look, defining standards of ‘skinny’, and imposing eating habits on people. The reason why people follow the things society is telling them to do is simple; peer pressure. I remember last year, when all people would talk about was the ‘thigh gap’. Workouts on how to have one flooded youtube, diets to follow, and articles about a person’s ability (or lack of) to have a thigh gap were everywhere. And as a vulnerable teenage girl, I felt the pressure too. Reflecting back on it now, it all sounds ridiculous. Now, I care much more about my health than about fitting into society’s definition of ‘skinny’. The struggle to be healthy, but still be able to eat the foods I enjoy is a challenge I face daily, but at the end of the day I remind myself that I don’t want to be that person who never ate a hamburger because it had ‘too many calories’. That’s why I wanted to share these thoughts with you all and after hearing one of my classmates criticizing my friend because she was eating a hotdog, I was especially determined to do so.



After saying that, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with eating healthy. But what I do think is wrong is imposing that ‘too many calories’ mentality on everyone around you. My mother always says that ‘nothing is bad in moderation’, and I think this can be applied to many situations, but, in this case, eating.  The images in this post all reflect my love for sweet things, something I try to indulge in as much as possible. And living in Paris, how could I not? At every patisserie or boulangerie macarons, pains au chocolat, and all kinds of tartes lie before my eyes. Even though I wish I could have one every time I see one, I do set myself some boundaries in order to remain healthy. Having a pastry every so often is a treat, but having one every day is a habit. Indulge in the foods you love because you deserve it!



But how does this have anything to do with fashion? Well, I see it often in the comments sections of other blogs, and Instagram photos. If you’re skinny, you’re ‘too skinny’, and if you don’t have a thigh gap then ‘you aren’t skinny enough’. Another clear example of how this ties back to eating, and staying healthy is models. People think that models have good genes, or that they starve themselves. But the truth is, they have to work for their bodies too. I follow a few models on Instagram, and they post pictures of them working out, or eating healthy, setting a good example for their followers. But after an important runway, or at the end of fashion month they treat themselves by indulging in the foods they love. So when you want to eat your favorite food, or eat some ice cream then do it because only you should choose when, and where to treat yourself.

XOXO, Sofia

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  1. Isabella says:

    This post was very insightful and a great thing to read. All I ever hear now a days is about how fat and skinny people are. Anyways, once again I have to consult my greatest fashion guru (you). I was wondering what are/you think are the current shoe fads in Paris for the spring and summer? Feel free to send links because it makes my day when I get to shop (especially since my birthday is coming up) Thank you once again!
    Much Love from the USA,

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