Houndstooth X leopard ⎜Mixing prints blogger style

Before fashion bloggers arrived on the scene, mixing prints was considered risqué  and overly bold. At first, people were still unsure about this new ‘trend’ but some were gradually convinced that it was not impossible to recreate this new and creative style. Personally, I think a lot of people are still not open to mixing prints, and if they are, they sometimes feel doubtful or insecure about whether they will be able to pull it off or not. The concept of taking two different patterns and pairing them together is quite scary for some people, but here’s a simple trick to make this task much simpler. My tip is to wear two prints that either have the same background color, are in a similar color scheme, or share the same motifs, meaning that you would pair a floral with another floral for example.



My patterns of choice for this outfit were leopard and houndstooth, which share a common background color, black. This made pairing them much easier, and helped narrow down the rest of the shades incorporated into the look. I was going for something sleek yet edgy and cool at the same time. The tailored items were a white button-up, which one can never have too many of, and this adorable pair of houndstooth shorts. Over the shirt, I layered on an oversized blazer which I stole borrowed from my mom’s wardrobe. It’s a staple piece in any woman’s working wardrobe, but it’s also excellent for draping over your shoulders like I did here to make a statement with your outfit. And lastly, my leopard print booties, which I absolutely adore! They are unbelievably comfortable and so easy to wear.






This week is going by in a flurry. With posts to upload, assignments to complete, and homework to finish, I’ve rushed to complete everything and still have time for myself. Time management is the key, and it’s a skill that after more than a year of blogging I’m still trying to master.

XOXO, Sofia

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