Central Park, The Met, and a coincidence 

What do you envision when you hear the word China? Is it the ceramics stored in your moms cabinet, or the nation born from an ancient civilization? Designers ranging from Dior to Balenciaga have taken inspiration from various cultural aspects of the country and its history to create breathtaking garments. Many of these pieces have been on display for a few months at the Metropolitan Museum here in New York City, and yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing them. China: through the looking glass is a collection of garments and accessories inspired by Chinese culture, cinematography and art. I was in awe as I walked through the galleries and photographed the pieces on display. So much so, that I will be uploading a post dedicated solely to the exhibition at the Met.


Occasionally, I begin doubting about whether coincidences really occur, but then life comes along and shows me otherwise. Some of the most breathtaking dresses at the exhibition, in my opinion, were those inspired by blue and white Chinese pottery. And that day, I just happened to be wearing a  dress in the same color scheme and with a similar print as those on exhibit. This one however, had an exposed shoulder detail and a loose shape. Of course, it was one of those pieces that I fell in love with at Zara and have adored since. Some blue sandals and a few rings (not seen) completed the look, while keeping with the bohemian style it featured.

Dress – Zara

Rings – & Other Stories

Bag – Rebecca Minkoff

Thank you all for reading! I’m ecstatic about the next two posts I have planned out. The first is a celebratory post, and the second, well I’ll keep that one a secret…

XOXO, Sofia

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5 responses to “Central Park, The Met, and a coincidence ”

  1. lucyloopysos says:

    Love the garments, do you mind me asking how do you get to travel around the world? only because I know you are young, so just curious (being nosey) don’t have to answer if you don’t want too, completely understand. xx

    • sofiainplaid says:

      No problem! My parents and I love traveling, so we try to do it as often as possible. Any time we have school breaks we try to go somewhere, though it’s not always possible!

      Sofia xx

  2. valezrina says:

    Adding these to my “places to visit” list!

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