Buenos Aires in Style #8 The Reunion

Distance, and time apart might have once been deciding factors in the length of a friendship. But in our 21st century society, with all the communication mediums available staying in touch is easier than ever. Just before the end of 2014, my mom and I were able to see a friend called Sol, that we hadn’t seen in over four years.We spent all day shopping, and catching up on lost time. We’ve been friends for over 10 years, and she has been like a sister to my mom, and like an aunt for me. I know that she’s reading this right now, and I’m so happy that now one more person that I care about knows about this blog! And not only is my Aunt Sol hilarious, kind, and beautiful, she’s also really stylish! DSC05072


My Aunt Sol was  wearing a basic white cami, with some denim shorts, and a kimono that she made herself. Her sandals were from a local store, and I love them!



Outfit: Top – Subdued, Shorts – Pacsun, Bag – Zara

I knew we would be spending all day walking, so I went with something very comfortable. My black denim shorts were perfect for the day’s heat. I paired them with a double layered blouse. The deep purple color of this blouse, and the paisley print spiced up this outfit. To finish of the look, I added my studded sandals and silver chain bag.

“Friends are like stars. The ones that stay are the ones that glow.”

XOXO, Sofia

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  1. Sol says:

    😍 gracias por las lindas palabras! Besos enormes!!

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