Mi Buenos Aires

Home sweet home. As clichéd as it sounds, having lived abroad almost my entire life has made me cherish the thing many people take for granted: their homes. I’ve lived in countless different houses and apartments, seen different countries, and immersed myself in the culture of some of the most beautiful nations known.

How many people can say that their weekend ritual was a stroll around Champs Élysée, or that the snowy landscapes of Switzerland were the backdrop of their childhood? It’s all been unbelievable, and the experiences that have come from it have been magnificent, but it has come at a cost. Having to live away from my family, my home, the things I love and treasure. Growing up learning different languages. Being taught the history of other countries, while that of my own was left forgotten. There are so many things I never noticed as a child, and that only began flourishing once I reached adolescence.  My story has had inexplicable turns and tumbles, moments of joy, and instants of euphoria. A life, my life, has been altered forever, but the one thing that has remained there throughout has been my home. My beautiful Buenos Aires, a city so foreign and familiar at once.

A  city that I explored in a simple, black romper under the blazing sun. Where my feet took delicate steps while comfortably housed in a pair of espadrille flatforms. A place where I was finally able to wear sunglasses, the accessory that is my latest obsession, and my favorite purchase. With a simple tan choker, rose-gold watch, and vintage bag to accessorize I held the city in my grasp and captured it lovingly.




Again, sorry for the delay between posts! I’ve just gone back to school and am getting back into the normal rhythm of things, which in my life means absolute insanity. But I wouldn’t be taking on so much if I didn’t enjoy it, right? Well, maybe that’s a goal I’ll set myself for the new year. In any case, we’ll see. Have an amazing week, and a wonderful start to the year.

XOXO, Sofia

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14 responses to “Mi Buenos Aires”

  1. Dylana says:

    I would love love LOVE to visit Buenos Aires someday! I’m going to Brazil this month. Next time it will have to be Argentina!



  2. Pia says:

    I want to go to Buenos Aires so badly! Also, I totally get what you mean about appreciating growing up in different places. I feel equally at home in the Austrian mountains or sidewalks of NYC!

    xx, Pia

    • Sofía says:

      Aww thanks Pia! You should definitely go to Buenos Aires. And haha so nice to hear someone who feels the same way!

      xx Sofia

  3. Tania Sarin says:

    love this post! xx

  4. Lindsey says:

    Stunning photos!

    The Fashion Barbie

  5. sepatuholig says:

    Great casual look, beautiful place and nice weather…
    IG @grace_njio

  6. Your pictures of the city are simply amazing!!! xx

  7. Amy says:

    Would love to visit BA someday!! Love your photos, you make being a tourist look so chic!

    xx, Amy

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