Bleu, Beige, Gris et Noir

The title of this post says it all. Well, not exactly. Bleu, beige, gris et noir or blue, beige, grey and black. Those were the colors I was wearing whilst visiting the seaside town of Vannes. This was my second time in Vannes, but I enjoyed it much more than the first time I visited. Perhaps it’s because I was with my family: the people I love most. And I was of course accompanied by Jagger, my furry love. Honestly, my life is so different now that he’s in it. He’s a puppy of course, so he requires a lot of care. But he is 100% worth it. He’s my alarm clock, my motivation for going outside,  and the thing I most look forward to when coming home from school. For the first time in a while, I feel truly, deeply, madly happy. And all because of a dog!



Am I trendy yet? I don’t believe in following every trend that comes along, but the seventies are calling my name! My style is already very boho, and add in the fact that both of my parents are 70’s kids, it seems this trend was made for me to wear it. The jacket I’m wearing is one I ‘borrowed’ from my mom’s closet, and no I don’t think she’ll be wearing it anytime soon. Sorry mom! It’s incredibly warm, and it pairs well with anything because of its neutral color. This beige hue is one I don’t wear very often, but I actually like how it looks, so that might change soon! Alongside that, I wore some grey biker jeans, which are better than regular jeans. They’re extremely flattering since they are a skinny fit, and the detailing creates a slimming illusion and I’m all for having killer legs. I accessorised with both a blue bag, and pair of boots. If you don’t own anything in this pale blue shade yet, then you’re missing out. This shade is going to be HOT this spring/summer. And finally, I’m sorry I just had to: the hat! This is just my black, wide-brimmed fedora from Brandy Melville.



Jacket – 123

Jeans – Belair

Boots – Zara

I hope you liked this third, and final look from my trip to Brittany in the north of France. To see my first look click here, and to see what I wore on the second day follow this link. Have an amazing day wherever you are, and see you soon!

XOXO, Sofia

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  1. Wow that blur bag….

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