Autumnal daydreaming

The best autumns are the ones where crispy leaves turn Crimson red and glorious shades of burnt orange. Roadside trees gently shedding their foliage and pavements colored with fiery hues create a seasonal atmosphere. Fall represents the calm before the storm, the breeze before  the snow. It’s a season of excitement and anticipation, as one awaits the end of year holidays and vacations. But most of all, it’s a time of beauty and transition. An instant of change in temperature, scenery, but also in fashion. Summery dresses have long been retired and scarfs, boots, and hats are brought out once more.



On warmer fall days, I like to go out and see the beauty of the season. Something comfortable and cozy is always right for those escapades. The look I’m wearing here is essentially what I would wear to walk around town, go shopping, or take my dog out on a walk. For the most part, this is a simple day to day look, but what makes it special is in the details. For instance, a pair of black skinny jeans are a definite staple, but when you add some pockets they become cargo pants, a more unexpected and creative piece. Tucked into those pants I wore a white tee, which is another basic item but that could be given an edge by having an unusual length or some added trim. This biker jacket would usually be found in black leather, or maybe a dark brown suede, but this forest green shade is not only more fresh, but it’s also always a great seasonal color. My beloved Marc Jacobs flats are usually my shoe of choice for walking about as they’re not just comfortable, but also extremely quirky.

DSC_1010 1





That’s all for today guys! I hope you’ve all had a great week so far, and stay strong, Friday is only a day away!

XOXO, Sofia

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6 responses to “Autumnal daydreaming”

  1. Alice says:

    Ah this post is so beautiful! I am absolutely in love with autumn and did a post kind of link this on my blog!

  2. Odemode says:

    Love this post! Just did a similar one on my blog.
    Autumn is so beautiful!
    -xxx- Odette

  3. Ms. LaRosa says:

    Quirky, huh? 😉

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