All roads lead to Rome

Today was another wonderful day in Rome! We revisited The Vatican, this time going into the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, and St.Peter’s Basilica. They were stunning! The Sisitine Chapel was everything I had thought it would be and more. It took Michelangelo about four years to complete the frescoes on the ceiling, but from the incredible craftsmanship you would think it would have taken much longer. St. Peter’s Basilica was equally stunning. The pieta was gorgeous, and so was the rest of the basilica. Everything from the ceilings to the altar was amazing! I would definitely want to revisit The Vatican again one day when I’m older. After touring the museum, the chapel, and the basilica we had some pizza at a lovely restaurant nearby. It was delicious! The weather today was still amazing, so I decided to go with this little black dress and  an army jacket. To spice up this outfit a little bit, I added a statement necklace.




My brother and I sending off our postcard from The Vatican.

After a pretty relaxed afternoon, we walked around the Via del Corso and had dinner at one of the pizzerias in the nearby streets. On the way there, I had already spotted this magnificent place. The Magnum store. For about five years, I have been in love with the magnum white chocolate ice cream. But this time, it was even better. You could add toppings! I chose coconut and salted caramel. Just writing about it is making me want another one!



Outfit: Dress – Brandy Melville, Jacket – Zara, Flats  – Forever 21, Necklace – Forever 21


XOXO, Sofia

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