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As the year comes to an end, I already find myself reflecting upon what next year’s trends will look like, but thinking ahead even further, I ponder about what role fashion will play in ten years and in what form. Every season, year, and decade since the creation of clothing have shaped what we wear. Fashion isn’t only about change through time, it’s an art, a cultural manifestation of any one society’s beliefs, and any human being’s form of self-expression. Location, religion, politics, and the economy have all been factors which have affected fashion in the past, but will this be the same in the future?


The fact that the 21st century and its inhabitants are obsessed with technology is an undeniable fact. As this become clearer, everyone, even those in the fashion industry want ‘in’ on this billion dollar industry. Wearable tech will be the quintessential accessory for every working girl and guy alike, something which has already begun to take place. Today we have some accessories we can connect with our devices to be connected on the go (such as the Apple watch), but tomorrow we’ll be able to transport our digital life with us everywhere we go. Another way technology has affected, and will continue to influence fashion is through the fabrics that are used in making garments. Uniqlo has been one of the pioneers in revolutionizing fabrics with its heattech technology, and I’m sure many will follow in their footsteps by creating new and innovative fabrics in the future.

 ALTRUIS by Vinaya / trendy jewellery that keeps you connected on the go


Everything comes back into fashion. It’s a fact. Think about the flared jeans, which originated in the 70’s, made a comeback in the 90’s and then reappeared this year. Using this reasoning, in the 2020’s we’ll be seeing a lot of the 80’s trends coming back, and I don’t mean enon colors and leg warmers. What I mean is the subtle minimalism and effortless chic style of the decade.  The glamour and the new romance of the time caused by the rise to fame of the people’s princess.



Keeping with the style of the 80’s as they transition into the 20’s, the 2020’s that is, I think we’ll be seeing origami cuts à la Issey Miyake, as well as 80′ Vivienne Westwood radical cuts and pirate looks, and some ultra-sophisticated cuts as seen in Giorgio Armani suits of the time.


Azzedine Alaia, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, and Commes des garcons. Sound familiar? If they don’t now, the minimalist style that earned them fame and acclaim in the 80’s will be the same that will re-popularize them in the years to come.



I wasn’t alive to see the original Karl Lagerfeld designed Chanel suits, but as they become increasingly popular, I think their style will be one to emulate. As more and more attention is paid to cities in Asia, I think Tokyo will be a place to watch as Japanese fashion rises. And something that won’t bother me too much as my closet is already 99,9% black items, will be the popularity of the color black.

What do you think about my predictions? Do you agree? Do you disagree? Let me know if you think the eighties minimalism is on its way in, or out.

XOXO, Sofia

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