A night I will never forget…

Tonight marks another milestone for each of us. It is the end of another exceptional year at Marymount, and the commencement of a new journey in each of our lives. Every graduate here is a step nearer not only to entering high school, and college, but also to developing into an adult who will possess and utilize all the skills taught at Marymount. Spirituality, unity, growth, love of learning, and service. Each of these values have been instilled in us and have impacted our lives in different ways. Each area of our growth has been nurtured as we have undergone a wide range of experiences. Those of us who completed the RSHM award have experienced first-hand the effects of each of these values as we undertook its corresponding project. – The opening lines of my valedictorian speech




Blue, a color associated with trust, honesty, and loyalty was the color 21 people wore as they graduated, and one of those was me. I wore an off the shoulder royal blue dress, paired with some simple blue, suede pumps. It was something timeless, feminine, and elegant. When I look back on this day twenty years from now, I highly doubt I’ll regret wearing what I did, but if I do I will remember how beautiful and confident I felt that night. Underneath that blue gown and cap was a girl who believes in herself, and her future and nobody can change that. The power of confidence is one that I strengthen every day, and after having endured bullying, teasing, and ridiculing it is one I value and try to show others. No award, diploma, or physical object can ever symbolize my perseverance, and endurance as I have overcome the blocks that others have put for me to trip on.  But the proof of all I have experienced is me. A person who believes in others as much as she believes in herself, someone who has put all her efforts into academics and who has triumphed at all she set to be. That’s only half of who I am, but the other half is here. You know me for what I love to do, write, travel, experience, and talk about fashion. There are two sides to every coin, and the person who flips only sees one. This is the side that you see, but it is only half of me.




On Friday the 26th of June, I graduated the school I had attended for four years. It was the end of an area, and as I said in my speech the beginning of a new journey. And that journey has a starting point. The starting point is Brussels. The Belgian capital is where I will attend high school, turn 15 and 16 years old, and continue to grow and to blog. I will spread my wings and so will my friends, but soon I will see all of them again. In opposite corners of the world, I will see a familiar face, a warm smile, but most of all a friend.

XOXO, Sofia

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6 responses to “A night I will never forget…”

  1. lucyloopysos says:

    Congrats. loved the outfit, you looked fab x

  2. adornlafemme says:

    Congrats on your graduation and all your future journeys to come! You looked gorgeous in your royal blue matching dress and heels. xo

    adorn la femme

  3. You look beautiful! Congrats! 😊

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