A New URL + 100 followers!!

I am happy to say this blog has reached one hundred followers! Thank you all so much for your following and support. All of your likes and comments have motivated me to keep blogging! However, I have decided to take a new creative direction with this blog. From now on, this blog is Living in Plaid! I absolutely love plaid, and so I only thought it fitting to include it into my new blog name. I still love sunflowers, and I always will, but plaid has taken over my mind completely! I hope you will enjoy the new name of this blog. And just for the fun of it, I thought I’d include some facts about myself!

  1. I think some of you may not know, that my name is actually Sofia!
  2. I was born in Argentina, and so were my parents!
  3. I live in Paris now, but I’ve lived in Argentina, Bolivia, and Switzerland.
  4. I speak Spanish, English, and French fluently.
  5. I’m fourteen, and my birthday is September 18th, which makes me a Virgo!

I honestly hope you enjoy the new direction I’ve decided to go in with this blog!

XOXO, Sofia

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