2016 / 2017

Another year has gone by in the blink of an eye. It’s been an emotional year, challenging at times, but rewarding at others. Not every moment has been sunshine and rainbows but I’ve tried to make the most of it regardless. I’ve buried myself in this blog, my safe haven, and created better content than ever before. I have been able to work with brands, collaborate with other bloggers, and meet countless inspirational people all because at thirteen years old I decided to create a blog. This year I have been able to grow closer to all of you and to build a community around Living in Plaid. I can’t wait to continue doing that in 2017, but let’s focus on the past for just a second and look back at the best moments of 2016.

Being able to cross something off my bucketlist and achieve a goal that’s been with me since I first fell in love with fashion. This was truly one of the sweetest moments of the year that wouldn’t have happened without your support and that of those around me. // T H E  F A S H I O N  S H O W

Discovering a beautiful new country with one of my favorite people in the universe, my best friend Rachel. One of those experiences that I hope to never forget, and will be with me forever.  // C A P E T O W N 

Another beautiful place I was fortunate enough to visit this past year, this time with my family. //  P O R T O 

Roadtripping around the Balkans, discovering beautiful countries – Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia. Spending quality time with my family, and discovering myself as a person and as a content-creator. // S U M M E R

Turning that sweet number – 16. Having the time of my life at a get-together with my friends to celebrate growing a year older. //  B I  R T H D A Y

A HUUUUGE item crossed off the bucketlist – dicovering Dubai!! That crazy beautiful city I’ve been dreaming about for years! // D U B A I

Continuing to explore Belgium and discovering countless gems along the way. One of my favorite? Bruges! // B R U G E S

Being fortunate enough to explore London once more, and have an amazing time with my mom, my number one supporter in all things creative and personal stylist. // L O N D O N

Creating my most popular post EVER! One I loved writing, reading, and hearing your thoughts on. I hope I was able to inspire you as much as all of you have inspired me… //  I N S P I R A T I O N 

Thank you to all the people who made my 2016 a little sweeter, a bit more bearable. To my best friends, my parents/number one supporters, the people who like/comment/follow every day, to the family living an ocean away that supports me, and to all those that care and love me.

Here’s to the New Year,


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10 responses to “2016 / 2017”

  1. Sounds like you had a jam-packed, amazing year! I absolutely love all of these photos in the collages as well, I’d love to know what camera you use?

    Julia // http://www.thesundaymode.com

    • Sofía says:

      It definitely was! Thank you for the lovely comment babe! As for now I use the Nikon D5300.

      xx Sofia

  2. Tania Sarin says:

    love this post! xx

  3. Jessica says:

    You’ve traveled to such amazing countries! I wish you the best for 2017 x

    Jessica — NinetyCo 

  4. Rachel says:

    Happy New Year! Wishing you the best in 2017!


  5. Constance says:

    It looks like you have a great year! You went to a lot of wonderful places!
    Have a Happy new year gorgeous!


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